JSC "Avangard-Agro" is the lead company in an agricultural holding aggregatethat is one of the largest and most efficient agricultural manufacturers in Russia

Corporate Structure


Holding company


Malt production


Territorial subdivisions

Avangard-Agro Voronezh

Avangard-Agro Oryol

Avangard-Agro Kursk

Avangard-Agro Belgorod

Avangard-Agro Lipetsk

Avangard-Agro Tula

Plants in Russia

Voronovo Malting Plant

Oryol Malting Plant

Korenevo Malting Plant

Ostrogozhsk Malting Plant

International sales

Avangard-Agro  Trade  AG

Domestic sales

LLC  Avangard-Agro  Trade

Plants in germany

Malting Plant in Gelsenkirchen

Malting Plant in Bremen

Malting Plant in Lechfeld

Malting Plant in Koblenz